Farm Update 09-28-23

If it wasn’t about the time I normally finish for the season it certainly would be after this week. The temps here on the farm dropped as low as 30F, with the temps remaining below the freeze line for more than 3 hours on Wednesday morning, and it’s looking like the same as I write this update on Thursday morning, with the temperature again hitting 30F. These readings are well below the forecast temperatures, averaging about 10 degrees below the published lows.

It is, however, coming up to the end of the season for the farm stand. The last day for this year is Monday, October 9th, which is the Monday of Columbus Day weekend.

In the field, aside from just a couple of things, like Potatoes and Kale, most everything else has been either killed outright, or burned by the freeze. This includes all the remaining flowers as well. I hope all of you who wanted to get pictures of them were able to before now.

In the coops all is generally going well. There have been a few times that the heating for the Broiler Chickens has given me problems during the middle of the night, but was dealt with without too much of a hassle. Given that I am approaching the end of the season, and due to scheduling, I have already re-homed half of the Laying Hens. They’ve gone to the farm I’ve been dealing with for a few years, and they keep them for the remainder of their lives.

As for the Broilers, they are getting on the bigger side, and eating everything in sight. Fresh Chicken will be available again this and next week, and after that, there will be Frozen Chicken available until they sell out. After I close for the season on October 9th the What’s Available page will list approximate sizes and quantities of chickens available for purchase.

Since it is well and truly Fall, I have made a small batch of Cranberry Preserves. I also made some more Strawberry Preserves, since I was about to run out. In the end, I was not happy enough with the Cherry Preserves recipe I had been working on, so they will not be available at all this year.

I suppose that’s it for this update. Thanks very much to all of you who were able to come by and help support the farm. Hope you all have a great week, and enjoy the sunshine while it’s here.