Farm Update 09-30-21

Well, Wednesday morning saw the first frost on the farm, with the temps dropping to 34F. This is hardly unexpected this time of year, and is actually a bit later than has happened in the past. The cold has also really started to bring out the colors in the trees as the leaves turn (unless there is some major weather change it looks like peak foliage will be a bit early this year).

Reminder: The last day the farm stand will be open for the 2021 season is Sunday, October 10th.

After that date frozen Whole Chickens, Preserves, and Eggs may still be purchased by contacting me to schedule a pick up time. Chickens and Preserves will be available until sold out, and Eggs will be available until late November/early December. The preferred method for contacting me is by text at 518-728-9344, and let me know in advance what you are looking to get, how many of each item, and when you would be able to come by (my schedule is generally flexible).

The work on the farm is in the process of changing over to clean up, pulling irrigation, and prepping for winter.

I will be processing Broiler Chickens again this week, so there will be both fresh and frozen Whole Chicken available over the weekend. I have not had the time to make more of the 8oz Strawberry Preserves, though the 12oz are still available. Pumpkins and gourds are still available but selling quickly.

That’s all I can think of for this update. I hope you all have a wonderful week, and thanks again for helping support the farm.