Farm Update 10-04-18

Fall is in the air. Or it would be, if it was actually cold this week. Of course, the cold temps this past weekend were just enough to push the foliage into changing, with the colors becoming more vibrant each day. Looks like it will be perfect timing for peak foliage this weekend with the holiday giving people extra time to check things out.

Due to the holiday, the stand hours will be extended this week. Hours for the week will be:

Fri & Sat: 10 – 6
Sun: 10 – 4
Mon: 10 – 6

The work on the greenhouses is progressing, but taking a bit longer than I had hoped. This is also leading to a delay in getting the cottage fixed up for a “winter” farm stand location. While I am still hoping to get it done, I am not making any promises.

The cold temps, down to 35F over last weekend did cause some problems with the more fragile crops, though thankfully no frost. Basil looks like it took the worst of the damage, though there should still be some from the field available this week. Other items will be in somewhat shorter supply.

I’ll be digging potatoes as I can, though the on and off rain has been making the task take much longer than it should.

All the ladies are doing well. The big excitement this week was the return of the hawk, which has been intentionally scaring the chickens. They at least know enough to take shelter in their secure pen and the coop.

As mentioned above, there will be extra hours this week.

I have also gotten some additional items from other local farms, as well as some from even further away. Please check the What’s Available page for specifics on what I was able to get for this week.

That’s it for now. Hope to see you all at the farm soon. Have a great week.