Farm Update 10-05-17

Frost, freeze, and crop damage – oh my! Yes, there was a freeze on Monday morning (10/02), with the low temp sitting at 28F. This was enough to do in the last of the basil and the few pumpkin plants that were still trying to grow, as well as some of the more frost-resistant, but not freeze-resistant lettuce. There was some damage to other crops as well, but with so little left in the field, due to the poor growing season, it was hardly a bother. There were no Gladiolus blooming at the time, so I’m not sure if they made it or not.

The season is quickly winding down. And, while it’s a little sad that it’s coming to an end, I have to say, I’m tired.

As a note, I am no longer accepting orders for any of the late fall crops. Those people who have already submitted requests should understand that availability will be completely weather dependent, and I will be in contact with you as the crops mature.

Additionally, I do have late planting of Broccoli that have not matured as quickly as hoped. I’m not sure they will even be ready for next week. So, what I may wind up doing is having a special open day, possibly on Saturday the 21st, or maybe even the 28th, were I will open the stand to sell any additional late crops that are available. This is not a firm plan, so I would appreciate some feedback either by email, or when you come by the stand, and I will provide a little more concrete information in next week’s update.

Lastly, while I have been asking at the stand, I will ask here as well, that if anyone has any suggestions for types of Preserves for next season, please submit them as soon as you can. It can take a while to source ingredients and then work out a recipe I’m happy with, and my winter schedule is filling up faster than I would like.

Let’s hope there is some nice weather for this weekend. I see the current forecast is only calling for rain on Monday, which is far better than what it was originally. Looking forward to seeing you all at the stand this week.


End of season schedule:
Thu 10/05 — 10 – 6
Fri 10/06 — 10 – 6
Sat 10/07 — 10 – 6
Sun 10/08 — 10 – 4
Mon 10/09 — 10 – 6
Tue 10/10 — Closed
Wed 10/11 — Closed
Thu 10/12 — Closed
Fri 10/13 — Closed
Sat 10/14 — 10 – 6
Sun 10/15 — 10 – 4
Mon 10/16 — Closed till Spring