Farm Update 10-08-20

Hope everyone is having a great day. Just a quick update for this week.

As I’ve mentioned, the farm stand will be open through Halloween weekend this year, and the last day will be November 1st.

Here on the farm, operations are quickly moving to fall cleanup and harvesting the last of the potatoes from the field. That’s pretty much all I have left of my own stuff at this point, as the fall crops I had planted have already sold out. I’m doing my best to source as much locally grown as I can. Given the number of people around, and the demand for them last week, I’ve made sure to get extra pumpkins so there should be plenty. I was also able to get some small-sized decorative Indian Corn. Hopefully the larger ones will be available soon too.

The Laying Chickens are all doing well and producing nice larger-sized eggs. This past weekend, while egg sales are remained brisk, I did have some left for sale until the afternoon on Sunday.

Also, as was noted on the board at the stand, fresh Chicken will be available next week (10/16), as the newest batch are still too small. This also brings me to another point. I am not taking any advance orders for the current batch of Broiler Chickens, however, I have been asked if I would consider getting one more round of chickens, specifically for pre-order, because the people asking wanted to get 10 or more frozen chickens each for over the winter. These birds would not be ready to be picked up until well after the farm stand closes, probably sometime in early December, depending on the hatchery’s schedule. If I get enough orders to justify doing it, I will get about 100 birds altogether. All of the birds would be frozen, the minimum order would be 4 chickens, and a deposit would be required. If you have any interest, please come by the farm stand this weekend, as I will need to make a decision shortly.

For the jam lovers out there, I am still making more Preserves as we head into the late season. It has been quite a challenge to keep up with the extra demand this year, but I’m trying my best. Small batches will continue to be made right up to the stand closing for the season. At that point, as with the eggs, you can contact me to see what I may have available for purchase.

That’s it for this week’s update, as it’s now time to go dig even more potatoes. Have a great week, and thanks again for supporting the farm.