Farm Update 10-11-18

Hi everyone. Well, peak foliage came and went very quickly this year, but those who were in the area last weekend had some very nice colors to enjoy. The upcoming weekend looks to see some much colder weather, with forecasts for the weekend showing the possibility of freezing temps and even some snow showers on Saturday morning. This will have obvious consequences for what will be available going forward.

For those wondering, the tentative last day is still October 28th, with the hope that I’ll be able to get something organized to extend the season a bit further. No promises though.

Preparations are being made for the coming cold weather, though there is only so much I can do to really stop it from damaging the crops in the field. We’ve been quite lucky to have not even seen a real frost yet this year, though the forecasts are indicating we may simply skip that and go right to freezing. So, I’ll be covering what I can, in hopes that it will prevent the worst of the damage.

The work on the greenhouses is still continuing, taking much longer than I anticipated, mainly due to other things popping up that require my immediate attention. Such is the nature of work on the farm. It reminds me of something said a while back on the show Alaska the Last Frontier, when Otto said he is basically forever stopping to do something, while on his way to do something, while on his way to do something, while on his way to do what was originally supposed to be getting done. It’s kinda like that.

The last of the Sugar Baby Watermelons have now been picked. There will be just a few available this weekend. Also, if the forecast holds, expect this to be the last weekend where I have fragile crops like Peppers and Eggplant. Tomatoes from the field had already been slowing, and will likely end this week. There are just a few of the Tomatoes in the greenhouse that are coming ready, though I am pushing them harder now.

Other colder weather crops should be okay. And I will be picking up some items from other farms for this weekend as well. Please check the What’s Available page tomorrow to see the most up-to-date list of crops I’ll have for sale.

The chickens are still laying a good amount of eggs. The eggs have been running slightly to the larger sizes, with the majority of eggs being XL.

The ladies seem to be enjoying the somewhat cooler weather, though they really still don’t like the rain. I guess it’ll be a bit of a shocker to them when the much colder weather comes in the weekend.

As mentioned above, the tentative last day is scheduled to be Sunday Oct 28th. If you are looking to get any preserves for over the winter, then that’s the date you need to remember. And while I may yet have the stand open longer, the 28th is the last confirmed day to be opened.

That’s it for now. Hope to see you all at the farm soon. Have a great week.