Farm Update 10-16-21

I’d like to start this short update by once again thanking all of you for helping support the farm through another season. As I said in a prior update, I am planning on being back, doing this all again next year. This will also be the last regular update for the season, though I will be posting additional information about the Thanksgiving Turkeys in a few weeks.

If you are looking to get something from the farm, I still currently have Fresh Eggs, Frozen Whole Chickens, and Preserves available. The What’s Available page has already been updated to reflect this, and I will be adding more information about the Whole Chickens (specifically sizes) to the page shortly. If you’d like to get any of these please call or text, tell me what you’d like to get and when you can come by, and we’ll schedule your pick up. And no, you are not bothering me by asking to purchase items from the farm.

Meanwhile, the work on the farm is continuing, with the winding down of all regular operations and transitioning to clean up, and then repair, maintenance, and planning for next year. For those who are curious to know, a new home has already been arranged for the Laying Chickens. Half of them will be heading off to their new home this coming week, with the remainder going some time in early December.

For those who may not currently be on the mountaintop, peak leaf viewing time came and went very quickly (and somewhat earlier than usual) this year. There are still a good few places where you can see beautiful colors, but they are all at mostly lower elevations. As I had asked about and mentioned to quite a few people this summer, there are still almost no bear roaming around the area this year, even at the well-known apple tree hangouts.

That’s going to be it for this update, so my sincere THANKS to all of you. To everyone I did not get a chance to say this to in person – I hope you have a wonderful winter and spring.