Farm Update 10-22-20

It’s very quickly approaching the end of the season, with just this and next week left to go. And I’m not going to lie; I’m really looking forward to the last day, though it’s not like the work ends or anything.

As a general reminder, the farm stand will be closing for the season on Sunday 11/1. For those who inquired about getting quantities of chickens later in the fall, the chicks will be arriving next week and should be ready for processing around the second to third week in December. If you have specific requests for sizes, please let me know. There are a few additional birds that might potentially be available for those who did not yet order, so get in touch if you’d like to get on a call list.

I’ll have most of the usual spread of veg this week, along with 2 new types of apples – JonaGold and Ambrosia. I specifically inquired about Winesap apples, due to people looking for them, and was told that the crop this year was very poor.

The laying chickens are doing a wonderful job making loads of eggs, and the broiler chickens just keep eating. I will be processing about 20 or so broilers this week, and then more again next week. Due to scheduling, I may even have some that are processed after the stand closes, but will let everyone know for sure in next week’s update.

I’ve been digging more potatoes, which is the last crop in the field. Looks like a good amount of Russet Potatoes, with lesser amounts of Yukon and Reds found. There will be no Adirondack Blue Potatoes this year, as there were only a couple of dozen very small potatoes in total under just a few of the plants.

Due to other commitments I was unable to make Preserves this week. They are continuing to run low across the board, and some are sold out again. Despite next weekend being the last for the season, I will be making a couple more batches, so people looking to put a few extra aside, or find gifts for the holidays will have some selection from which to choose.

I think that’s about it for the update. Hope you all have a great week, and thanks again for your continued support of the farm.