Farm Update 10-26-17

Note: Meant to post this yesterday, but got pulled away and forgot.

REMINDER: The farm stand will be OPEN on Saturday 10/28 from 12 – 4. This is planned to be the last day for the 2017 season.

Just a short update again this week. The weather has been completely uncooperative, with the storm that passed through on Tuesday causing quite a bit of damage to both the stand and the crops still in the ground. Given the severity of the winds here (gusting repeatedly over 50mph, and suddenly reversing direction) I’m not surprised that it caused the problems it did.

There was some damage to both of the stand tents. The bigger problem was that the whipping winds knocked over, snapped off, or completely pulled from the ground a significant number of Broccoli plants. The cabbage plants took lesser damage, with some plants having leaves ripped off or broken in half. I’ve done what I can to fix them up and replant the less damaged ones.

As it says at the top, Saturday is the last planned day open for this season. I will have a few types of crops available, so please check the What’s Available page for specifics. There will also be Preserves and Maple Syrup, but I am sold out of Honey.

Since the end of the regular stand schedule, I have been extremely busy making arrangements for an exciting addition to the farm. I’ve been able to get most of it worked out and should have egg laying chickens for next season. I’ll provide more information on this particular development at a later date.

Hope to see you all at the stand on Saturday.