Farm Update 12-22-16

Thought it was time to provide an update on what’s happening on the farm, and to also request some feedback to make the upcoming year better than last.  I’m hoping that people will take the opportunity to get in touch with me via email or comment, and that I’ll be able to act on or incorporate at least some of the ideas and proposals.

Given the winter weather conditions on the mountain, most of what had been going on has been prepping for the weather, maintenance of equipment, and planning for the upcoming season.  And yes, the planning for next year began some time ago.

My current planning for next year, based on already received feedback and my own observations during the year will involve adding and subtracting some crop types, growing more of certain things (i.e. – snap peas and beets), trying to open earlier in the season (hopefully the last week in June), and lastly having more non-produce items available at the stand.  Now, I’m sure there are some of you who are looking at the list and thinking, “What about eggs?”  Well, I am still looking into getting chickens, but I am unsure of being able to get them for this coming year.  I’m going to keep working on it, and I’ll provide updates on the issue in a couple of months.

Some specific things that I am planning on for this year include:

– Purchasing additional equipment to better managed growing and harvesting
– Expanding the main field area from 2 to 3 acres
– Expanding the lower field area from .25 to 1.5 acres (the field beyond the barn)

As far as feedback goes, in addition to what ideas or comments you think I should know, I would like to ask for responses to these questions:

– What additional produce items would you like?
– Of what crops should I have grown more?
– What are the top 3 herbs you would like to see grown?
– Would you like to see a greater variety of lettuce?  Suggestions?
– Is there any interest in fingerling, blue, or other specialty potatoes?
– Watermelons and cantaloupes?
– Is there any interest in large quantities of canning tomatoes, or pickling cucumbers?
– Is there any interest in a CSA-like subscription for the season?  And if so, could you please elaborate on what you would be looking to be included as part of the package?
– Any other comments or suggestions?

I’d prefer if responses were done by email, which can be sent to:

That’s about it for now.  I hope everyone has wonderful holidays, a Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.