Farm Update Fall/Winter 2022

NOTICE: The farm will be fully closed, there will be NO scheduled pick-ups, and I will be unavailable from the evening of 12/23/22 until at least 1/2/23.

I hope everyone has had a good fall and is at least somewhat looking forward to wintertime. Since the last storm it still looks like a winter wonderland here. As far as the farm goes, things here are finally winding down for the season, and I was able to get all my Christmas lights up before the big snowstorm

There were quite a few people who asked what happens to the laying chickens at the end of the season. Working in coordination with the chicken broker, from whom I get the chickens, the laying hens are all re-homed to other farms – either ones who have lost chickens to predators, or ones who are able to add them to their existing flocks. The last of this year’s hens were sent off to their new home on 12/18.

As is noted above, the last day for pick ups this year will be Friday, 12/23. I will be unavailable from the evening of the 23rd until at least January 2nd. If you need any of the available items, please contact me immediately to schedule a pick up time. This includes people who have pre-purchased chickens that I am holding, so if you are going to need/want them before some time in early January, please get in touch.

Lastly, for those who wonder about these things, I have already been working on the plans for this next season. So far, it has been almost as challenging as last year’s planning.

That’s it for now. Hope you all have a great winter.