Farm Update Holidays 2023

Merry Christmas and soon a Happy New Year! I hope you all have had a great fall and are looking forward to winter, spring, and then next summer season.

Projects on the farm are slowly getting done, as the weather has been on the interesting side. More recently, we had over 6 inches of rain. Thankfully, all that precipitation wasn’t snow.

With this final update for the year, I wanted to let everyone know what items are still available, potential pickup times, and some preliminary plans for next season.

To begin with, advance order pick-ups can be made up to 6pm Sunday 12/24. There will be no pick-ups from 6pm Sunday 12/24, until Tuesday 01/02/24. Please make note of this if you are hoping to be able to get any of the available, or your pre-ordered items for the holidays.

The full listing of what I still have can be found on the What’s Available page. The quick rundown of what I have:

Eggs – Large, XL, Jumbo (only available until 12/24, no eggs after that until May 2024)
Chicken – Frozen (whole or half) Please see What’s Available page for sizes
Preserves (most types and sizes available)
Honey (2lb Spring, Summer, and Autumn, and 1lb Creamed)
Maple Syrup (12oz glass, qt A, and qt B)

Regarding the plans for the coming season, I am still working toward getting set up to offer plant starts (veg), bedding plants (flowers), and a selection of potted plants (flowers) during the farm’s pre-season (basically Memorial Day weekend until I would normally open in the middle of June. This is not a guarantee that I will, and I will provide additional updates about this going into the Spring, but it is something I am working to add to the farms operation.

I would like to thank everyone who was able to come by and help support the farm over the course of the year. Your support has been tremendous and is greatly appreciated. Hope you all have a wonderful time over the winter. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Holidays.