Farm Update – Spring 2024

Hi everyone, and welcome to the farm’s ninth season. I hope you all had good times over the winter. Here on the farm work has been ongoing right through and is currently in the major prep and early crop planting stage.

There are a bunch of changes I’ve made, though almost exclusively behind-the-scenes kind of stuff, which will hopefully make general operations a little less intense during the peak of the season. As far as things people visiting the farm will see, there will hopefully be a few small decorative changes.

In the coops, the laying hens arrived a couple of weeks ago. They have not started laying yet, but should begin in the next week or so. Please check the What’s Available page to see when eggs are once again available for pick up by appointment. The first round of broiler chickens will arrive on the farm on the 22nd of May. They should be ready some time around the beginning of July, with firmer dates posted in later updates.

As of now, the farm stand will open for the season on Friday, June 21st, which is right around the same time as the last few years, and will also operate on the same schedule:
Friday 10 – 6
Saturday 10 – 6
Sunday 10 – 4

Over the Memorial Day weekend (Sat & Sun), if you are passing by the farm you may see a little surprise. Those of you who subscribe to the newsletter will have additional info, so please be sure to look it over if you have not yet done so.

I think that’s about all the info for now. Have a great week, and keep an eye out for additional updates in the weeks just prior to the stand re-opening.