Operations Update 05-02-16

Field prep and expansion is continuing despite the poor weather.  The main field area should be fully prepared and marked for rows this week.

Seedlings awaiting transplant

With average temps running about 10ºF below average since the second week in April, and still possible solid freezes for another week or two, all outdoor planting has been on hold.  This will push back the earliest crops by about a week or so to a more solid mid-June availability.

So, until it’s warm enough to go out, these little plants will just have to make do.

There are about 85 flats started already, and another 30 to be done in the next few days.

This week, as soon as the ground dries enough to work, the first round of potatoes (Red and Russet) will be planted.  Depending on the weather, other cold-hardy crops will also be direct seeded as soon as possible, and will be noted in future updates.