Operations Update 05-30-16

The field work is pretty much on track, with plantings continuing.  Most flats will be in the ground by the middle of the week, which will finally give me some time to get other work around the farm done.  It’s generally long days during planting time, and this year is certainly no different.

When I finish getting everything in the ground, there will be updates to the crop list reflecting changes due to certain items being substituted and other items simply not growing (such is the nature of farming).  Overall, the biggest impact will likely be to the varieties of tomatoes, but I will address the specifics in a future update.

This week’s plantings will include all the varieties of pumpkins, gourds, cucumbers, and beans.

Additionally, no firm date has been set for when the stand will be open, so please check back for updates.  I am hoping to get some more website work done this week, to include an email list, so anyone who wants can receive notifications concerning operations.

As a final note, being that today is Memorial Day, let us all remember those who have given their last full measure in service of the country.