Operations Update 06-06-16

Last week went pretty well with a large numbers of flats being put in, though there are still quite a few left for planting.  Most of what is left is part of the succession planting that will be taking place until mid-July.

So, this week will see additional planting in the field, as well as general work.  Honestly, I’ll be happy when the craziness of the main planting is done, as i could use a bit of downtime.  Can’t think of anyone who would say farming is easy, and solo-farming is just that much more interesting.

The changes to the crop list should be done by the middle of this week – mainly additions, though a few deletions and notations of limited availability.  Also, I am finalizing the email notification form and should have it up by midweek, so please check back and sign up.

Lastly, I believe there will be enough available, provided the weather cooperates, that the farm stand should be open just before the end of the month.  I’m hopeful there will be enough ready for the weekend of the 24th/25th, and if not then for the July 4th weekend.  Site updates or notifications will be made a week or so beforehand.