Operations Update 06-20-16

* Note – This would have been posted on Monday, but there was a power outage, with loss of internet for most of the day.

So, it’s another week closer to stuff being ready.  Unfortunately, the weather dealt a bit of a setback, with the frost we had on 6/11 causing a good few of the plants to significantly slow their growth cycle.

As I’m sure regular visitors noticed, the opening date has been removed from the sidebar, with a note to check back.  This is partially due to the temp issue, but also has to do with the amounts that will be available when the stand opens.  I’d rather start a little slower and work into things than disappoint a greater number of people.

I’ll be updating the What’s Available page as soon as there are crops ready, even if the stand is not officially open.

I’m also working out the kinks in the Email Notification/Newsletter section, and should have it done this evening.  I’ll be using the email list mostly to send out specific notifications of when individual crops are ready, in addition to opening times for each week, as well as if there are any special deals on either bulk sales or combo boxes.  If you’d like to receive these emails, then please sign up.