Operations Update 07-04-16

Wildflowers in lower field 2016-07

Happy Independence Day!

Things are moving along here, with many more plants reaching maturity.  There are some items currently available, though in limited quantities, so the stand is not officially open yet.

I will be setting up a system, at least for the next couple of weeks that will allow me to send out emails to subscribers who may want to purchase what is currently ready for sale by emailing or texting back, and then arrange a time to come pick it up.  So, if you want fresh veggies before the official opening you’ll have to subscribe to the email alerts.

The crops that have at least limited amounts ready for sale are up on the What’s Available page.  The listings there will be changing on an ongoing basis as I determine what is, or is no longer available for sale.

Also, it looks like the official opening of the stand will likely be July 15th.  I will be using the email notification system to send out the exact date and times several days beforehand.

As far as the crops go there are still some ongoing issues as a result of the late frost in June.  The affected crops are corn, basil, peppers, and eggplant.  The string beans are also exhibiting stunting, though they are setting blossoms, so I’m still expecting a decent crop.

I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July.