Operations Update 07-18-16

Let me start this update by saying thanks to all of you who came by this past weekend. I very much appreciate your support. I’d also like to thank those who mentioned the farm and linked to the site on Facebook.

Please make note of the farm stand hours, located in the sidebar to the right. They will be updated weekly until I have full availability of the major crops. Also, I should note that the stand being open is somewhat weather dependent, as it is more or less an open-air operation.

As far as the farm update goes, the weather has been relatively cooperative, so most all of the crops are coming along pretty nicely.

There is, however, still the issue with the corn being stunted from that late frost in June, so I’m not really sure what will happen with it. I’ve been in contact with several other farmers who’ve grown sweet corn for many years and the consensus of opinion seems to be that it may still produce, just that the ears will be smaller. At this point it seems that only time will tell.

On a positive note, tomatoes have started to ripen noticeably, and I am quite hopeful there will be a good few ready for this coming weekend. There should also be string beans and at least some cucumbers. Please check the What’s Available page for the complete list of ready and near-ready crops.