Operations Update 08-01-16

***Note – My apologies.  I thought I had posted this on Monday, but only realized today (Wednesday), that I had only saved the draft and not actually posted it.***

Thanks again to all who came by the farm this week.  Your support is greatly valued.

There is currently a nice selection of veggies to choose from, and there should be until first frost.

Corn is available, as are tomatoes.  Not in huge amounts just yet, but getting there.  The volumes of both should be increasing daily, though the corn will remain limited versus tomatoes.  And peppers are due in soon, perhaps even by Thursday.  Broccoli is only going to be available in very limited amount for the next couple of weeks, since the second planting had matured at almost the same time as the first, and the third is still not ready.

As usual, be sure to check the What’s Available page to see what’s in season and ready.

The weather over the last few days has certainly more than made up for the previous dry spell.  With the continued showers it, unfortunately, became an issue of too much of a good thing.  Still, better to have the rain than not, as at least I didn’t have to irrigate for the week.