Operations Update 08-08-16

The crops are growing, the weather is behaving, and the customers seem happy.  While hopefully not tempting fate, it seems that things are all going pretty well.

Peppers(bell, jalapeno, and chili varieties) are finally available on a regular basis.  String beans are running a little light right now, but should be back to a normal supply over the course of the week.  And tomatoes are finally starting to ripen in decent volume.

As usual with tomatoes, there are also cooking tomatoes available at a significantly lower price than the regular tomatoes.  There will be some bulk amounts (25 lb packages) available for purchase (please contact me ahead of time), as well as some 10 lb baskets at the stand.

There are now also cut sunflowers for sale, both bunched and single stem.  I plan on having some each day the stand is open, though if you want to make sure to get what you’d like, please contact me ahead of time.

For those looking for other farm products, I have worked out a deal with Maple Glen Farm (my neighbor) to carry their locally produced maple syrup.  The organic, Grade A syrup is available in sizes ranging from 3.4 oz to 1/2 gallon.  I’m still working on connecting with local honey and preserves suppliers and will provide updates when arrangements are made.

And even though it’s still only the beginning of August and still a bit early to be thinking of Fall, pumpkins and gourds are growing like crazy.  They should start ripening towards early September or so.

Once again, let me say Thank You to all who stopped by the farm this week.

*** Note – If anyone experiences issues with the Google Map display, please let me know, as there have been changes to the system.  Thanks. ***