Operations Update 08-15-16

Just a short update this week.

Snap peas are starting going to be a little light over the next couple of weeks as the plantings switch over.  The green string beans are also going to be sporadically available as they had decided to simply stop setting beans, and have only just started to set new flowers.

Tomatoes, specifically cooking tomatoes are available.  If you would like to get larger amounts, please contact me ahead of time so I can get them together for you.

There are now some pumpkins that are just about ripe, though it will be another week or two before any are picked, as it would cause too much damage to the vines to reach the ready ones.  Gourds are not far behind either, so please keep us in mind when planning out your Fall decorating and Jack-O-Lantern needs.

Please check the What’s Available page for the most up-to-date listing.  As we reach the end of the main growing season (yes, it’s approaching quickly) the listings will begin to change quickly.  I’ll do my best to keep it continuously updated.

Thanks again to all those who have come by the farm.