Operations Update 08-22-16

Well, up here on the mountaintop it’s obviously coming to the end of summer.  Leaves are starting to change color in places, and some trees are even starting to shed them, especially in the high winds like we had on Monday.  On top of that, the nighttime low temps went back down into the 40’s, which is a little early for that kind of cold.  Thankfully, there was no frost associated with the colder temps just yet, but it can’t be far off.

I would like to take this opportunity to announce that the farm stand is now carrying locally produced Maplecrest Valley Apiary honey products.  We have both Spring and Fall honey in sizes ranging from 8oz to 2.5lb jars.  The honey helps to round out the selection of locally produced goods, such as the maple syrup produced by Maple Glen Farm, which is also available at the stand.  If anyone produces or knows someone who produces local preserves, something which would go a long way to completing the product offerings at the stand, please get in touch with me, so I can try to work out a way to carry them.

As far as the crops go, the fall items are looking good.  Pumpkins are gaining in size, with a number already turning orange (they won’t be for sale until Labor Day weekend), and gourds are filling out as well.  Winter squash (Acorn and Butternut) are also coming along nicely, though will still be a few weeks for being ready.

Warmer weather crops are still doing well right now, and there is still plenty of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and basil.  Snap peas, however, are not going to be available for much longer.  The first planting is finishing off, and the follow-up planting was hit with a brown rust fungus that will not come under control, despite my best efforts.  There will be small amounts available this coming weekend, and possibly for Labor Day weekend, but it’s looking like they’ll end there.

Regarding tomatoes, there are cooking tomatoes in 25lb lots available for purchase, for those of you who prefer to make your own sauces.  As a note, please get in touch with me beforehand, if possible, so I can have them ready for you.

Similarly, I will be digging larger amounts of Russet Potatoes over the next couple of weeks, so if you would like to reserve a quantity for the Fall, please let me know as soon as you can.

Please pay careful attention to the What’s Available page as the weather changes and we move into September.  Items will rapidly shift off the list, and what was available one day could be completely gone the next.