Operations Update 09-05-16

Just a quick update this week.

The deer damage mentioned in the special update has been dealt with as best as I can.  Green leaf lettuce will be unavailable for at least a couple of weeks.  There are just a few buttercrunch and red leaf left right now also.  The follow-on plantings are growing nicely, but will be at least a week and a half until near full size.

Besides that, more pumpkins are coming ripe.  For those of you who like winter squash, they appear to be almost ready, and I’d say will be available from Thursday or Friday.

String beans and peppers are now starting to slow from the cooler nights, though the longer range forecasts are currently showing higher lows.  Perhaps they will pick up again for a couple of weeks.

For those of you ready for fall decorating, pumpkins and gourds are available.  I should also have some bunches of mini corn stalks this week.

For those of you not ready for fall decorating, close your eyes or look away.

As usual, please check the What’s Available page.  And thanks again for all the support and encouragement.