Operations Update 09-12-16

As we move into the fall, crop availability will become more and more of an issue.  With the low temps reaching down into the high 30’s again on Sunday night it should be evident that summer is truly at an end.

The cucumbers have suffered somewhat from the sudden cold and will be running a little light, slowly fading out as we move further into fall.  On the positive side, winter squash are now available.  So while the weather will play a major role on what’s for sale, I’ll be working hard to keep as many types of crops going as I can.

The deer have now decided they really like bean plants.  They are jumping in almost nightly.  I’ve taken to covering the more “delicious” crops with frost cover, to keep the deer at bay.  So far it’s working, though the tracks point to the animals trying to figure out where the tasty treats went.  Additional steps are being taken to keep them out, and/or deal with them.

The business hours are going to change starting the week of September 22nd, with the stand being closed on Monday also.  So I’ll be open this coming Monday the 19th, but closed Mondays thereafter.  Keep an eye on the panel to the right to see the updated hours.