Operations Update 09-26-16

As was reported in the Special Update, there was indeed heavy frost and freezing conditions.  Temps for both Sunday and Monday mornings were well into freezing territory, with Monday’s being worse at a recorded low of 28F.  This was enough to cause much more damage than the frost/freeze on Sunday.

The most important thing will be to check the What’s Available page, as some crops are finally starting to really show the damage, and I’ll be able to scratch things from the list starting Wednesday.

What I can say for sure is that while I was able to save the lettuce, the basil has been nearly wiped out.  There will be a little for this upcoming week, unless there is another unexpected frost/freeze between now and then.  Similarly, the zucchini took quite a beating, but I was again able to save a number of plants, so should still have some for sale over the weekend.

Cold-weather crops like cabbage and cauliflower did fine and are still growing well, however the broccoli did not fare as well, even though it is generally considered highly tolerant of cold conditions.

On the positive side, the deer have stopped jumping into the field.  I can’t say it’s anything I’ve done, as I’ve yet to finish increasing the height of the fence.  It’s more likely that they are currently preoccupied with amorous activities and are simply in a different area right now.

I was also able to harvest and store all the pumpkins still in the field.  This should ensure that I have a decent supply to get through until Halloween.

Hope everyone was ready for the change in weather.  Pretty soon there will be undoubtedly be little white flakes wafting from the sky.  Just not too soon.