Operations Update 10-10-16

As I’m sure you can tell from the What’s Available list, it’s coming to the end of the season on the mountaintop.  The last day the stand will be open for the season is Sunday 10/23.

The weather has gotten too cold up here for most of the really non-frost hearty crops, and even some of them are having difficulties with the mid 20F lows and solid freezes.  There is another freeze expected overnight Friday to Saturday.  The cold weather does have one very nice effect, as shown in the pictures above and below.  The leaves were in prime colors over the holiday weekend, despite the clouds.

Farm - South - Fall 2016
I don’t really have much other news this week.  I will be posting updates at least until the Monday after the stand closes.  Also, I will be soliciting feedback from customers, especially newsletter subscribers, about what people are looking for me to grow next summer, as well as some other product and stand specific issues.  I’ll discuss more about this in future posts.

My thanks to everyone that has come by and supported the farm.

SHF - North - Fall 2016