Operations Update 10-17-16

Well, this will be another short update.  The season is continuing to wind down, and most of what I’m doing now is field maintenance and prep for winter.  The last day the stand will be open for the season is Sunday 10/23, so be sure to swing by before then.

There are still a number of things for sale this coming weekend, so please check the What’s Available page to see if I still have what you’re looking for.

I’d also like to say that this weather is just crazy.  Going to near 80F this week!  That’s toasty warm and not the least bit like it was just last weekend, with lows at 24F.

As a note, I will continue the weekly updates until the end of October, and then switch to monthly until the springtime.  I will also be posting some questions/surveys, and I would very much appreciate feedback to help make sure I’m providing the items you want.

Hope to see lots of you this weekend, and thanks again for all the support.