Spring Update 2022

Hi everybody. I hope all of you had a nice winter and early spring, and are looking forward to this coming summer season. Things here are rolling along, sort of like usual, though as has happened over the past couple of years, there are some interesting challenges.

The most important part of the update, the farm stand will be re-opening for the 2022 season on Friday, June 24th. The schedule will be the same as last year:

Friday 10 – 6
Saturday 10 – 6
Sunday 10 – 4

There have not been any major changes on the farm this year. I had considered, planned, and even begun to implement one, but based on feedback I got, opted to not move forward with it this year.

The laying chickens arrived on April 18th, are doing well, and are already producing eggs. Also, I will be getting broiler chickens again this year too, but due to the current Avian Flu situation and hatching egg shortages, I am only planning on getting two rounds of birds instead of 4 or 5.

I don’t really have a whole lot of other information to offer at this time, and it will likely be a couple of weeks before I post another update, but I wanted you all to have some idea of what’s happening here. So until then, take care and have a great week.